Why You Need an Eye Exam

Why You Need an Eye Exam

Jan 01, 2020

More often than not, we take care of our overall health and forget about the different parts of our bodies. Much as taking care of your overall health affects how your body functions, it is important to check in with different parts of your body. The eyes, for instance, play a significant role in the entire functionality of the body. However, how many people remember to get their eye checked? Is it even important? Learn more in this text.

What is an eye exam?

It is the process of getting your eyes examined by a professional. An ​eye check-up involves a thorough analysis of how well your eyes are functioning. It checks for the small triggers and stimuli that can hold you back from enjoying proper vision.

While most people think that an eye exam is solely to prevent blurry vision, it entails so much more. Considering that your eyes are windows to your heart and body, why should you not get them checked every so often?

Who Needs an Eye Exam?

When you have a child, you are proactive about everything concerning their health. This is why most parents are not hesitant about getting their children’s eyes examined by a specialist. However, do you know that adults too need eye care?

Eye checkups for adults are as necessary as it is for children, of only, more. As you grow old, your eyes encounter a lot. Changes in the external environment, as well as the internal components of your body, affect how your vision is. Most of the oral problems show up with age, including difficulty reading, dry eye, to mention a few. It is why everyone must consider annual eye exams to keep up with the health of their eyes.

Importance of Eye Exams

An eye exam is important for several reasons, including the following:

  1. To control cases of myopia – myopia is an eye condition that causes nearsightedness. The ad fact about myopia is that regardless of how technology has emerged to intervene in the medical sector, more and more people are suffering from this eye condition. Worse, children are falling culprit of it at a very young age. Without and eye exam, there is no way to ascertain whether or not you are at risk of the disorder. This is why patients of myopia often have advanced symptoms of it because they waited too long to have their eyes examined. The advantage of catching myopia at an early stage is that the worsening of the progression of the disorder can be controlled.
  2. Eye maintenance – the same way you keep up with the health of your body, you have to keep up with that of your eyes. Servicing your eyes every once in a while is the key to keeping them healthy at all times. The eye maintenance helps to keep everything balanced, especially the tears that are required to keep your eyes moisturized and lubricated enough for movement.
  3. Checking your prescription – if you have an eye prescription, then eye exams should not be a question. Checking up with an eye specialist is the only way to check on your eye prescription. You can have the strength of your lenses in proved or even check to ensure the health of your eyes has not deteriorated since the last visit. You can even replace your lenses, adjust them, among other things.

Detecting serious health problems – as the common saying goes, ‘eyes are windows to the heart.’ It is not just the heart that can be examined through the eyes. The overall condition 9f your body can be analyzed just from looking through your eyes. Most patients who have been diagnosed with hypertension, blood sugar irregularities, heart conditions, diabetes, among other diseases, found the anomalies through the eyes. The eyes are rich in blood vessels that source from the body. These blood vessels will communicate a lot about your health. However, it is not any person that can tell the difference. Optometrists near you, are trained and experienced in this sector, which is why they can detect all other health issues through your eyes.

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