Why Are You Favoring Contact Lenses over Prescription Glasses?

Why Are You Favoring Contact Lenses over Prescription Glasses?

Aug 01, 2020

Have you decided in favor of contact lenses over prescription glasses? What are the reasons prompting you to consider making the change? Wouldn’t it be better for you if you discussed your chances with the eye doctor in Castle Rock, CO, before deciding in favor of either?

Regardless of why you have decided to wear contact lenses, we suggest you understand the advantages of wearing contact lenses in contrast to prescription glasses. When you discuss your needs with contact lenses in Castle Rock, CO, you will receive advice on how this eyewear is excellent for many reasons. Let us look at the advantages of wearing contact lenses over regular prescription glasses.

The Advantages of Contact Lenses

If you haven’t considered the advantages of contact lenses, we suggest you continue reading the reasons that allow you to break free from glasses and frames and to consider having lenses in your eyes.

The Solution Is Excellent for Active People

If you are involved in playing active sports, you will find contact agencies offering the most efficient solution during your participation. The worry of contact lenses falling or breaking can be relegated to the back of your mind. The eyewear rarely escapes from its position in the eye socket, and even when they do, it is because you possibly have rubbed your eyes intensively. The problem of breaking them is also eliminated, making them more ideal than glasses to suit your active lifestyle.

Contact Lenses Give You a Clearer Vision

The curvature of your eyes is the position contact lenses will sit on to give you a more full field of view than glasses along with great focus. During adverse weather conditions like fog or rain, the lenses will not be affected, and neither will they steam up during hotter conditions. You may have experienced reflections and distortions with glasses. Still, you will never have to worry about such problems with contact lenses because you will be free from the issues associated with glasses.

Wide Variety Available to Suit Your Budget

If you are wondering whether you will have to pay a high price for contact lenses, it would be helpful to know that the variety you choose will determine the price you pay for the eyewear. Daily contact lenses are the most affordable because these are disposable. However, you can expect to pay a higher price if you want tailor-made dances for astigmatism. Rigid gas permeable contact lenses that offer you crisp and clear vision and can correct corneal astigmatism and are easier to care for than soft contact lenses are likely to cost you more than daily contact lenses.

Contact Lenses Allow You to Get Creative

If you stick with glasses, you can select from a wide range of frames to suit the shape of your face and only have limited options to change the color of the lens. However, contact lenses allow you to change the color of your eyes, enabling you to stand apart from the crowd. Contact lenses in Castle Rock, CO, can offer you a fantastic range of colored contact lenses that will make you happy.

No Compromises Required on Style

Glasses can undoubtedly compliment your looks, but they can also get in the way if you are wearing eye make-up. Many people wearing glasses opt to protect their eyes from UV rays by using light-reactive lenses, which are expensive and not available in the fashionable range of sunglasses. Here again, contact lenses enforce no compromises on you on style because you are free to apply the make-up you desire with confidence. After all, the lenses will not be covering your face but just your eyes.

Contact Lenses Make Life Easier for the Wearer

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to kiss your partner without any spectacles coming in the way? Glasses restrict you from enjoying intensive activities like riding on a rollercoaster for fear of them falling off. Now consider the difference if you decided to wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Enjoying the intimate moments will not restrict you and even let you enjoy intense activities that you are presently forgoing.

Besides, the above contact lenses fit perfectly into your eyes to reduce any vision obstructions while remaining unaffected by the weather, making them a perfect solution if you want to replace glasses with them.

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