Children's Eye Exam in Castle Rock, CO

Children's Eye Exam in Castle Rock, CO

If your child complains about being unable to read the text in books or on the board, it could be time to visit a pediatric eye doctor in Castle Rock, CO. Regular eye exams are essential for children as they can help highlight vision problems during the early stages.

Our trained pediatric optometrist near you provides preventive and corrective eye care for a range of children’s eye problems.

The Importance of Kids Eye Exams

Excessive usage of the internet, PlayStation, TV, tablets, and mobile phones have resulted in increased eye strain for children. Children may also develop eye problems due to genetic or biological reasons. In general, children’s vision undergoes many changes between the ages of 6 and 18, and regular check-ups help preserve long-term vision.

Brief eye exams in Castle Rock, CO, by a GP or family doctor cannot substitute the expert evaluation by a qualified pediatric optometrist.

Untreated vision problems can:

  • Interfere with learning and day-to-day school activities, resulting in poor academic performance
  • Cause frequent headaches and eye strain
  • Lead to attention and behavioral issues
  • Result in permanent vision loss

Comprehensive children’s eye exams in Castle Rock, CO, at Founder’s Eye Care can help uncover vision problems and help your child get the corrective treatment they deserve.

When to Schedule a Children’s Eye Exam in Castle Rock, CO

Children’s Eye exam in Castle Rock, CO, should begin at six months of age and should be conducted every two years until they reach first grade. Children with no symptoms of eye problems may visit the eye doctor every two years, but kids who wear glasses should be scheduled for annual eye exams.

Signs of Vision Problems

The following signs could indicate that your child has vision loss:

  • Holding the book or reading material close to the face
  • Often covers one eye to see better
  • Complains of headaches

Where Can I Get Reliable Eye Exams near Me?

Our trained pediatric optometrist near you in Castle Rock, CO, diagnoses, treats and manages vision problems to optimize your child’s eye health. Founder’s Eye Care provides accurate sight testing, prescription glasses, contact lenses, and sports glasses for children. If you have a family history of vision problems or your child has a medical condition, please ensure you schedule regular kids’ eye exams as part of preventive care.

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