Preventing Dry Eyes | Important Dry Eyes Prevention Tips

Preventing Dry Eyes | Important Dry Eyes Prevention Tips

Nov 01, 2022

What is Dry Eyes Disease?

The disease of dry eye is a common condition that occurs when one’s tears cannot provide adequate lubrication to their eyes. Tears can be unstable and inadequate for many reasons. For example, dry eyes can occur if one doesn’t produce enough tears or if one produces Poor quality tiers. The instability of the tear leads to damage and inflammation of the eye’s surface.

Dry eyes always feel uncomfortable. If you have dry eyes, the eyes might burn or sting. In addition, you might experience dry eyes in certain situations, such as in an air-conditioned room, on an airplane, after looking at your computer screen for a few hours, and when riding a bike.

The dry eye treatment will make you more comfortable.

Causes of Dry Eyes

One can get dry eyes if they don’t make enough tears. You may also be likely to get dry eyes if:

  • You spend time in heated or air-conditioned environments
  • It’s cold, dusty, dry, or windy
  • You stare at computer or TV screens for a long period without a break
  • You take certain medications such as blood pressure medicines or some antidepressants
  • Your age is above 50 years, or we are contact lenses

If you suspect dry eyes, seek dry eye treatment near you to feel more comfortable.

Tips on How to Prevent Dry Eyes

Aside from using an ointment or eye drops, there are other ways to help prevent dry eyes. These include:

1. Ensure You Avoid Places with a lot of Air Movement

You should limit your exposure to hairdryers and fans. You should also wear wrap-around sunglasses when you are outside on windy days to help protect your eyes from drying out.

2. Rest Your Eyes

Frequent computer use, watching TV, and reading can dry your eyes. Our eye doctor in Castle Rock suggests taking breaks so the eyes can regain some of their moisture.

3. Turn on a Humidifier During Wintertime

Sometimes, home heating systems cause the air in your home to dry out, which can cause your eyes to dry out. However, using a humidifier helps the air stay moist. If one doesn’t have a humidifier, they can put upon of water on their radiator to add water into the air.

4. Use Warm Compresses, then Wash Your Eyelids

Placing a warm compress on your eyes and washing the eyelids with baby shampoo will help release some of the oil in the eyelids gland. This helps improve the quality of your tears. Ensure you completely rinse the soap from the eyes when you finish to avoid irritating them.

5. Stay Away from Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke irritates dry ice and increases the risk of developing dry ice in the first place.

6. Try an Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement

When you add omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, you will have dry eye relief. These supplements are found in foods like flax seeds and oily fish. Also, you can purchase these supplements in liquid or pill supplement form.

7. Use Artificial Tears Regularly

If you suffer from chronic dry eyes, you should use eye drops even when your eyes feel okay to keep them well lubricated.

8. Position a Computer Screen below Eye Level

If your computer screen is above your eye level, you will be forced to open your eyes wider to view the screen. You should position your computer screen below your eye level so you won’t have to open your eyes as wide. This helps slow the evaporation of the tears between eye blinks.

9. Change Your Diet

Our doctor at Founders Eyecare says that an anti-inflammatory or gluten-free diets help reduce dry eye symptoms by eliminating foods that lead to inflammation. Suppose you take whole foods, more plant-based, and less processed food diets, which help in avoiding dry eye and also helps in reversing it. Also, we should lower caffeine and alcohol and have an overall healthy lifestyle, including good sleep habits.


Dry eye is a chronic condition that you can manage at home often. If you want to manage your dry eye naturally, you can look for products with plant-based active ingredients end preservative-free products.

However, sometimes dry eyes can’t be managed with home remedies alone, you can visit our eye clinic in Castle Rock, CO to speak to our eye doctor and get treated. Call us or book an appointment with us at Founders Eyecare for dry eye treatment in Castle Rock!

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