How to Keep Your Child’s Eye Healthy

How to Keep Your Child’s Eye Healthy

Mar 13, 2023

Doesn’t it just warm your heart when you notice that your little bundle of joy can notice objects in motion? Instinctively, you will stick out your index finger in front of your kid’s face, move it from side to side, and watch their tiny eyes move from side to side, even though it’s in slow motion! However, these are the milestones that you are looking for. If this isn’t the case, you will shortly seek children’s eye exams in Castle Rock.

Children develop quite fast, and they undergo tons of developmental changes in a year. Their eyesight will also develop so much during the first year after birth. You will have to partner with our eye doctor to monitor your kid’s visual milestones as they move from infant to toddler to school age.

But these developments won’t be the same for every child, so others might develop much faster than others. However, you have an opportunity to ensure that your kid’s eye health is developing as best as possible. That’s why our optometrist in Castle Pines has decided to share some nuggets of wisdom that will help you keep your kid’s eyes healthy. Here’s how:

Boost Visual Engagement

Even though your child’s eyesight can develop with or without your help, it is good to boost visual engagement. You can visually engage them with high-contrast colors and patterns in décor and toys.

You can also place toys within the focus of your baby’s eyes, roughly eight to 12 inches away from them. Give them time to focus on their environment and allow them to explore new environments. If they are crawling, encourage them to crawl and approach objects from all angles to help their eyes get comfortable with a wider field of vision.

You can also hang objects/toys above or outside your kid’s crib to help their eyes follow the movement of objects.

You can also play games such as patty cake and peekaboo to help stimulate hand-eye coordination. You can play catch for school-aged kids and toddlers, which also helps stimulate hand-eye coordination.

Protect Their Eyes With Appropriate Eyewear

Almost 90% of pediatric eye injuries could be prevented. When you notice that your kids have become more active, ensure that you equip them with proper protective eyewear made with shatterproof plastic. It would be best if you look for eyewear that has been tested.

Also, check the environment your kid is playing in and remove any hazardous equipment that might harm them.

Make it a habit to teach children about eye safety because they can be very cavalier about their eye health. So, ensure that they know how to play, which games to avoid, and what things to avoid, such as sharp objects.

Limit the Use of Digital Screens

Almost anywhere we turn these days, there is a screen. Digital learning is now more common than ever, meaning that our kids will be looking at computers, tablets, and mobile phones every other minute.

Keep screens about 24 inches from their eyes. Apply the 20-20-20 rule, which is looking away from the screen after 20 minutes, and look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Research shows that blue light will not affect eyesight, but it causes digital eye strain. This condition will lead to dry, irritated eyes and blurred vision.

Provide a Balanced Diet

Some of the common fruits, vegetables, and other foods are packed with nutrients that aid in boosting eye health. You may need to emphasize the following foods, which will help boost your kid’s eye health:

  • Fish – this is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which reduces the future risk of developing cataracts and AMD
  • Citrus fruits – these fruits contain vitamins C and E, which help prevent infections and restore tissues
  • Leafy greens – these veggies contain vitamin A, which fights dry eye and improve night vision

You can also serve your kid nuts, eggs, and other non-meat proteins which are rich in other nutrients such as zinc and lutein, which are beneficial to your kid’s eye health.

Regularly Bring Your Kid to Visit Our Eye Doctor

It is not mandatory to bring your kid to meet our optometrist in Castle Pines every month not unless there is an issue. But you should visit us often so that our eye doctor can monitor your kid’s progress.

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