Facts about LASIK Eye Surgery

Facts about LASIK Eye Surgery

Nov 01, 2019

Taking care of the health of your eyes is paramount, regardless of your age. In fact, it is better if people would start taking care of their eyes as early as possible. This would make it easier for eye doctors in Castle Rock to get their job done.

Things are changing and improving fast in the world of medicine, and technology has a lot to do with the changes. Thankfully, there are a lot of benefits to the advancements of technology, as evident over the years. LASIK eye surgery, for example, is a consequence of technology. It is one of the most common eye procedure in America.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. The treatment involves the use of laser technology to operate on the eye. It focuses on sculpting the cornea of the eye. According to founders eye care, LASIK is the best shot patients have at attaining healthy eyes. Over 98 percent of people who wear glasses can benefit from LASIK Eye Surgery castle rock and may never have to wear glasses ever again.

Even with high success rates, people are still hesitant about treatments that involve technology. People would rather hold on to what they know, even when there is a better solution in the market. Most people who wear glasses are not turned off by this treatment because of the LASIK eye surgery cost. The phobias have to do with underlying myths and half-truths about laser treatment.

Facts You Should Know About LASIK Eye Treatment

Instead of relying on the half-truths about laser eyes treatment, here are some facts that can help you change your perception of LASIK eye surgery:

  • Pain level – LASIK eye surgery is painless. The eye doctor is meticulous when working on your eyes, and with the help of numbing eye drops, the process should be painless. However, it is normal to experience some sensation of very mild pressure.
  • Duration of surgery – this might be the shortest surgery your encounter. It may take up to 10 minutes for each of your eyes.
  • Recovery time – the surgery has a short recovery time. Most patients get a clear vision of 20/20 the following day after the surgery, which is incredible. You should fully recover in a week or two after the surgery. The eyes are also to be thanked for this, given they are among the fastest healing parts of the body.
  • Safety level – just because LASIK is a surgery does not mean it is invasive. The treatment works by focused beams of light. Further, the light may look hot, but it is usually cold, and can, therefore, not burn your eyes. The concentration of the light in one area reduces the impact of the surgery on other surrounding tissues. This means that only the affected area gets treated. In that case, the chances of a complication as very low with this procedure. Besides, you are more likely to get your eyes infected when using contact lenses that will LASIK eye surgery. Another fact about the safety of LASIK is that it used eye-tracking technology. Even patients with a nervous twitch or blink many times in a minute are still safe with this surgery.
  • Eye problems treated – LASIK eye surgery is versatile in treating a variety of eye problems. Some include poor reading vision (Presbyopia), short-sightedness (Myopia), and long-sightedness (Hyperopia). It can also be used to sculpt an irregularly shaped cornea.
  • LASIK eye surgery is not a new treatment. Most people think that LASIK is a new concept that has kicked in with advances in technology. On the contrary, LASIK treatment has been in existence for 25 years. It is only becoming popular today, now that everyone is tech-savvy.
  • The greatest limiting factor is age – LASIK treatment is accommodative of different people. Any patient under the age of 18 cannot qualify for the procedure. Although other factors, like dry eyes or thinner corneas, can be limiting, most patients are surprised to hear that they are eligible. Before you sell yourself short, consider talking to your doctor about your options.
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