Eye Cataracts – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Eye Cataracts – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Aug 01, 2021

The lenses of our eyes are supposed to be clear. When these lenses become cloudy such that a person cannot see properly and vision begins to look foggy, it could be that the person has a condition often referred to as a cataract.

For people with cataracts, seeing will seem to them like they are trying to look through a foggy window. A cataract can simply be explained as a cloud that covers the whole lens of an eye. This cloud is formed when the proteins in the eye gather to form a chunk that keeps the lens from sending images to the retina. Images are sent to the brain from the retina but the retina receives these images from the lens. So, when the lens cannot produce clear images to send to the retina, the images that the retina will relay to the brain through the optic nerve will be blurry and we will perceive those images as such.

Cataracts usually affect one eye at a time but they can also affect both eyes but not at the same time. Cataracts develop slowly so one eye is affected before the other. More than half of the old people in the United States have cataracts or have treated cataracts at one time in their life or the other. This is because cataracts affect old people more than young ones.

How Do I Know If I Have Cataracts?

If you think you have cataracts, you must see an eye doctor in Castle Rock as soon as possible to receive treatment. There are some telling signs that your eyes give to tell you that you have cataracts. So if you experience any of these signs, your next call should be to that eye doctor in Castle Rock. A general symptom of cataracts is blurry vision, however, cataracts can also cause you to see colors as faded and when it is night, you might find it hard to see anything. If you use glasses, cataracts can be a reason why you will be having frequent visits to the optician to change your glasses. For people who do not use glasses, cataracts could cause double vision.

Why Do I Have Cataracts?

Nobody wants to see blurry or double images and when people have cataracts, they just want it to go. But why do people have cataracts at all? As it was mentioned earlier, cataracts are caused by proteins that form chunks and block the lens of the eye from getting clear images to send to the retina. However, it is not the proteins that help the body that harms it. Certain molecules are produced inside and around us that react with the proteins in us to form what are called oxidants. These oxidants are harmful to the body and they are what caused proteins to cloud the lens in the eye.

Other causes of cataracts include smoking, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, trauma, constant usage of steroids, and some diseases like diabetes.

How To Fight Cataract

If you are looking for cataracts treatment in Castle Rock, CO, an eye doctor will recommend surgery. But if the patient does not want surgery, the doctor can suggest using stronger glasses, or sunglasses with an anti-glare coating.

Cataract surgery is recommended when a cataract renders a person unable to perform any activity like reading or walking. When treating other eye problems with cataracts, surgery is needed to removing cataracts and focus on the other eye problems. There are different surgical procedures to remove cataracts, one of them is phacoemulsification. This involves the use of ultrasound waves to break the lens in the eyes and remove the cataract. There is also extra capsular surgery that involves making an incision on the cornea and removing the cloud on the lens through the incision.

After cataract surgery, an intraocular lens is used to replace the natural lens that was removed. Generally, cataract surgeries are safe and have a 1% chance of complication. But possible complications that could arise include infection, bleeding, etc. If you have cataract surgery, you can return home the same day of the surgery.

Cataracts affect our day-to-day activities so to prevent cataracts, wear sunglasses when you are outside to protect your eyes from UV rays. Eat fruits that are rich in antioxidants and avoid smoking. Also, you need to make sure that you eat healthily and visit your eye doctor regularly.

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