Even People with Great Vision Need Eye Exams

Even People with Great Vision Need Eye Exams

Jun 03, 2019

Having poor vision is not the only way to tell if you have eye disease. Actually, losing your vision is one of the last symptoms of eye disease. Once your vision is lost, it can be extremely difficult to get it back. This fact alone is what makes visiting an eye doctor regularly each year so important. Comprehensive eye exams let your Founder’s Eyecare doctor see everything in your eyes that you cannot. These eye exams keep your eyes from developing problems that have gone untreated and make your eyesight worse. If you are someone that wears contacts, then annual exams are essential.

Every person needs eye exams regularly, whether they use corrective lenses of some kind for their vision or if they do not. Eye exams typically take about an hour to an hour and a half, and various tests are performed. A refraction test is conducted, as well as a color vision test and several others that keep your eyes healthy. Your doctor will also perform a glaucoma check along with binocular vision testing. Contact lens wearers will need additional testing to make sure their eyes are healthy.

Why Your Eye Health is Important

Eye diseases often do not show symptoms in the early stages. However, when a Founder’s Eye Care doctor in Castle Rock detects an issue, it can be diagnosed and treated to reduce the risk of developing permanent loss of vision. There are other benefits, such as detecting systemic conditions that may go unnoticed. Castle Rock eye care is so important that the American Optometric Association recommends that individuals give their eye care the same amount of attention that they give their dental care and other medical check-ups.

Developing children should get an annual eye exam each year when they enter 1st grade. Adults without a family history of eye problem should be examined a minimum of every two years, while adults with a history of eye problems should also get annual examinations from an eye exam. The importance of your eye health should not be ignored. Speak with an eye professional about your options when it comes to eye care.

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