Do You Need Eye Exams If Your Eyes Are Healthy?

Do You Need Eye Exams If Your Eyes Are Healthy?

Nov 01, 2021

Did you know that it is recommended to have at least one eye exam every two years if you are above the age of 18? The stakes are higher for older adults above the age of 60, which is why they need to get at least one eyes exam annually. These numbers do not apply to people who have certain underlying eye problems that require treatment. Instead, they apply to everyone who is intentional about caring for their eyes. If you are super cautious about leading a healthy lifestyle, you will have no problem with annual eye exams as part of your healthy lifestyle routine.

What are Eye Exams?

They are tests conducted by eye specialists to monitor and evaluate the health of your eyes. Usually, eye exams in Castle Rock, CO, are done for both diagnosis and preventive measures. For diagnosis, your eye doctor will examine to determine conclusively the kind of eye problem you have before coming to a conclusion of which treatments work best for you. On the other hand, preventive eye exams are done even for healthy eyes to preserve and sustain good eyes health in the long term. If you are taking care of the rest of your body proactively, what reason is there for you to neglect proactive eye care for your eyes?

Why are Eye Exams Necessary?

​It is not only crucial to have an optometrist near you examine your eyes when you have a certain illness taunting your eye health. Usually, the primary objective of eye exams is to monitor the health of your eyes. It does not in any way imply that you must have an eye problem to benefit from an eye exam. You should, rather, consider it as a preventive measure to care for the health of your eyes over time.

Although eyes have a natural system of cleansing and remaining healthy by themselves, every once in a while you need eye exams in an eye care center near you for some of the following reasons:

To Catch any Underlying Problem in its Early Stages

With some eye problems like glaucoma, patients do not exhibit any signs of the disease in the early stages. However, the longer your eyes suffer from the condition, the more damage they incur. Instead of allowing things to get worse, an eye exam with an optometrist in Castle Rock will help detect and diagnose suchlike conditions early.

To Identify any Risks that may affect your Eye Health

When it comes to eye health, many factors matter, including genetics and work environments. As such, you need eye exams to help identify any risk factors that are highly probable for you as an individual.

To Encourage Better Eye Habits

Although your eyes may be healthy, you may not be practicing good eye habits. It is only after many years that your eyes may begin to succumb to some of the bad eye habits you have had for a long time. With frequent eye exams, you have an opportunity to learn tips from your eye doctor regarding intentional eye care through various healthy habits. For instance, properly lighting your house will benefit your eye health.

As a leeway for Learning other Preventive Measures

You will not know how better is your eye health unless you know enough about preventive eye care. It is not just about visiting your eye doctor every couple of months. More to it is about picking up new strategies to proactively care for your eyes. Some such strategies include:

  • Eating foods that boost eye health
  • Using shaded eyeglasses when in the sun
  • Wearing protective glasses when using screens for long hours
  • Using eye drops to prevent dry eyes during certain weather changes, to mention a few.

To detect other health problems – did you know that an eye doctor can help detect other health issues in your body that are not necessarily regarding your eyes? By examining the condition of your eyes, your doctor can easily detect other health issues like diabetes, blood pressure issues, high cholesterol levels, to mention a few.

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