What You Must Know About Macular Degeneration
May 01, 2021

Macular Degeneration is currently the leading cause of vision loss, especially in the older age group, is a progressive disease…

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What Causes Dry Eyes and How Can I Get Rid of It?
Apr 09, 2021

When you are happy or sad, your eyes are filled with tears. Tears help to lubricate the eyes and provides…

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Stay Up-to-Date with Your Eye Exams
Mar 01, 2021

  Some eye problems might be hereditary or congenital. Therefore, you should consider an eye exam a few months after…

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What to Expect During a Kids’ Eye Exam
Feb 01, 2021

Regular comprehensive eye exams for kids are significant to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy. When your child’s eyes are…

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The Basics of Contact Lenses – Types, Designs and More
Jan 01, 2021

Eyecare is an essential aspect of our lives. Why so? Unlike animals such as dogs that have a heightened sense…

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All You Need to Know About Cataract
Dec 01, 2020

The eyesight is an essential sense of organs and accounts for almost 80% of the perception. The eyes are delicate…

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