7 Common Misconceptions About Eye Exam

7 Common Misconceptions About Eye Exam

Jan 01, 2022

What is an Eye Exam?

An eye exam consists of a thorough examination of your vision. It provides important information about the health of your eyes. Regular eye exams at an eye care center near you are essential for people at all times. You do not have to wait for an emergency to rush to an emergency eye care near you.

Eye examinations are essential since they help detect problems early when they are most treatable. You get a chance to correct or adapt to vision changes. However, most people balk at having eye exams due to the misconceptions surrounding them. Continue reading to find out the facts on misconceptions people have on eye exams.

Types of Eye Exams

Eye specialists carry out different eye examinations. They depend on the nature of your eye problem. These include:

  1. Eye muscle test
  2. Visual acuity test
  3. Visual field test
  4. Refraction assessment
  5. Color vision testing
  6. Retinal examination
  7. Slit-lamp examination
  8. Glaucoma screening

Common Misconceptions about Eye Exams & Eye Care

1. Sitting Very Close To The TV Affects Your Eyes

Growing up, you must have heard this misconception severally and believed it. The myth originated when the television still emitted radiation. Excess exposure to it could increase the risk of eye problems. It is not a problem with modern televisions.

So, watching the TV at a close range will not damage your eyes. On the contrary, it allows you to focus on the screen better if you have trouble seeing things from afar. However, if you do not see the pictures well when sitting far from the television, go for an eye exam. An eye exam in Castle Rock will help you get checked for myopia or nearsightedness.

2. Reading in Low Light Damages Your Eyes

If this myth were true, people who read at night before the invention of electricity would have gone blind. Reading in low light only causes your eyes to work harder, causing eye strain. You may have been able to read for hours in poor light when younger but find it difficult as you get older.

It does not mean that your eyesight is damaged due to the low light. Instead, your eyes grow naturally weaker as you get older, making it harder to read in the dark. So, keep on reading since it is suitable for your eye health. However, turn on another light when you start having dry eyes, headaches, and blurry eyes. These are signs of eye strain.

3. Eating Carrots Will Improve Your Eyesight

A healthy diet indeed promotes healthy eyesight. For example, carrots contain vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are essential for eye health. However, eating carrots will not directly improve your eyesight. Neither will it reverse or correct fundamental problems with your vision. For optimal eye health, add a variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet.

4. Wearing Glasses Will Worsen Your Vision

Have you been avoiding wearing your glasses because of this misconception? It’s time to change your perception. Vision gets worse with age or changing eye conditions. For instance, myopia worsens as kids grow older, and presbyopia affects people in their 40’s. Go for an eye exam in Castle Rock for a stronger prescription if you notice changes in your vision.

5. Eye Exams Are Only For People With Vision Problems

Eye exams are not only necessary for people with vision problems but everyone. These exams are preventative care for your eyes. Comprehensive eye examinations at an eye care center near you help to detect eye diseases and problems early. Children as young as three years without any vision issues should get eye exams.

6. Putting Your Contact Lenses In The Mouth Is Okay In An Emergency

It is not. People who put lenses in the mouth to lubricate them only introduce bacteria into their eyes. The bacteria in the hands and saliva will affect your eye health. Always carry your contact lenses case and a saline solution with you.

7. Reading Glasses Can Substitute For Prescription Glasses

Most people think that buying reading glasses at pharmacies substitutes for prescription glasses. However, the reading glasses will only help you read small types but won’t correct issues like astigmatism. So, contact us at Founders Eyecare for that eye exam in Castle Rock. We will get you the right prescription glasses for your vision problem.

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